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3U High Density Compute Accelerator

The HDCA is equipped with a system monitor that monitors the fans, temperature sensors and power voltages. It includes an Ethernet port for remote monitoring and a software interface.

Part Number: OSS-3U-HDCA

Product Features

  • Available with either NVIDIA Tesla GPUs or Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors



Dimensions: 3U H x 17" W x 38" D
Operating temperature: 10 degrees C to 50 degrees C
Weight: 2.6kg
Power Supplies


Vi maxc: max 300 VAC
Ambient temperature: 0-45 degrees C
Extended temperature range: 45-55 degrees C
Storage temperature: -20 - 70 degrees C
Audible noise: 53 dBA

Cooling Fans

Four thermally-controlled fans on the rear of the enclosure and one of eadh canister.

Air flow: 141CFM
Noise: 77 dB (max)
Voltage: 12VDC
Real Power: 44.6 watts


Supports four PCIe slots up to 375W each

LED slot status blink patterm: off- link is down
Blinking fast: Link is up - 2.5GT/s negotiation width
Blinking slow: Link is up - 5GT/s
Negotiation width On: Link is up - 8.0GT/s negotiation width

System Monitor

Ethernet, fans, temp sensors, 237mA at 5V = 1.2 watts
Dip switch settings allow netowrk configuration to restore to defauly settings

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