Disk Arrays




PCIe attached RAID Solutions

for hard disk or solid state drives

Faster Data Transfers with One Stop Systems' PCIe RAID Systems


OSS offers a variety of storage solutions, utilizing PCIe for faster data transfers. We also offer these systems for rugged, embedded applications such as military or defense.


PCIe Disk Array

Attached Disk Arrays

One Stop Systems Attached Disk Arrays are robust, rackmount systems that provide hot-swappable SATA II/SAS drives to one or multiple servers. The 1U and 3U disk arrays cable to host servers through PCIe,  providing reliable data transfer rates up to 120Gb/s from the server to the array. The 2U disk array can be cabled to one server through PCIe or multiple servers through SAS. Click below to download the datasheet for the PCIe Disk Arrays of your choice.

1u 2u 3u