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PCI Express Fiber Cable Adapter

x4 Fiber Optic Cable 100M, 200M, or 300M

Part Number:

  • OSS-PCIe-CBL-x4-100M-OPTIC
  • OSS-PCIe-CBL-x4-300M-OPTIC
  • OSS-PCIe-CBL-x4-300M-OPTIC

Product Features

  • MTP®, MPO, and Elite connector options
  • Standard and custom polishes
  • SM, MM and MM laser optimized fiber types
  • 0dB – 24dB attenuation options
  • SC, LC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, and MU connectoroptions (breakout style)
  • Bare ribbon, 2mm, 3mm, ruggedized, and custom jacketing options

Timbercon ribbon fiber cables offer a compact, efficient, and versatile solution to applications requiring maximum connectivity in a minimum amount of space.
Based on single ferrule MT technology, these cable assemblies provide up to 72 fiber connections in a single point.

Performance Specifications

Insertion Loss (typical) SM MM
MT 0.5dB 0.5dB
MT Elite 0.35dB -
FC, ST, SC, LC, MU 0.15dB 0.35dB
MTRJ 0.3dB 0.3dB
Armadillo LC 0.15dB 0.35dB
Armadillo SC


Back Reflection (Typical) ≤-55dB ≤-20dB
Mating durability (500 Cycles) <0.2dB <0.2dB
Temperature Range -40°c to 85°c

-40°c to 85°

Construction Specifications

  Buffer Strength Member Jacket
Bare Ribbon Bare Ribbon - -
Jacketed - Riser Bare Ribbon Kevlar PVC
Jacketed - Plenum Bare Ribbon Kevlar PVDF
Length Tolerance <1m: +5cm / -0cm
1m - 10m: +10cm / -0cm
>10m: +2% / -0%

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