Adds 10 Tflops of peak single precision (SP), 5 Tflops of peak dual precision (DP) and 64GB of GPU memory to a server.

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The CA2003 Compute Accelerator with one or two AMD FirePro S9170 GPUs accelerators is employed in a variety of HPC applications including oil and gas exploration and financial services. Completely integrated with the GPUs most suited for a specific application, it's easy installation and tested reliability makes it superior to alternative products. The CA2003 occupies only 1U of rack space and connects to the host server through the latest technology PCIe x16 Gen3 connection.


  • 1U High
  • One Rear Panel PCIe x16 Gen3 Interface
  • Remote System Monitoring Capability; monitor fans, temperature and voltages
  • 1620 Watt Power Supply
  • Superior Cooling with Eight 30 CFM Fans
  • Choice of 1 or 2 AMD FirePro S9170 GPUs

Specifications for AMD FirePro S9170

AMD FirePro S9170
Single "Hawaii" XL GT44
Compute Units
GDDR5 Memory
Memory Bandwidth
Peak Performance
5.24 Tflops SP
2.62 Tflops DP
Compute and Graphics Processing
Full OpenGL Acceleration
Total Board Power