The SCA8000 packs eight powerful NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM2 GPUs connected via NVIDIA NVLink™ in a single GPU expansion accelerator

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With up to four PCI-SIG PCIe Cable 3.0 compliant links to the host server up to 100m away, the SCA8000 supports a flexible upgrade path for new and existing datacenters with the power of NVLink without upgrading server infrastructure. With advanced, independent IPMI system monitoring and full featured SNMP interface not available in any other GPU accelerator with NVLink, the SCA8000 fits seamlessly into any size datacenter.

Specifications for SXM2 GPUs

Tesla V100 SXM2
Tesla P100 SXM2
GPU Architecture Volta Pascal
NVIDIA Tensor Cores
Double-Precision Performance
7.8 Tflops
5.3 Tflops
Single-Precision Performance
15.7 Tflops
10.6 Tflops
Half-Precision Performance N/A 21.2 Tflops
Tensor Performance
125 Tflops
GPU Memory 16GB HBM2 16 GB CoWoS HBM2
Memory Bandwidth 900 GB/sec 732 GB/sec
System Interface NVIDIA NVLink NVIDIA NVLink
Form Factor SXM2 SXM2
Max Power Consumption 300 W 300W
Thermal Solution Passive Passive
Compute APIs CUDA. DirectCOmpute, OpenCL, OpenACC CUDA. DirectCOmpute, OpenCL, OpenACC