HPC as a Service


Remote Dedicated Multi-GPU Servers

SkyScale hosts high-performance multi-GPU private and hybrid clouds - ideal for data-intensive high performance computing applications such as AI-machine learning, big data analytics, scientific simulation, genomic analysis and high resolution rendering. SkyScale utilizes density optimized data centers, featuring unmatched reliability, physical and cyber security.

SkyScale is an NVIDIA® Authorized Cloud Service Provider, operating with the latest Volta GPUs. SkyScale lets you focus on your application rather than managing the underlying infrastructure, leave that to SkyScale and save both time and money.








Features of SkyScale's Accelerated Private Clouds


Private & Hybrid Clouds

SkyScale works with your team to expand internal capacity or capability, or configure and manage a complete off-site deployment - locally or across any of our U.S. data centers, including: platform configuration, hardware acquisition, network, software, virtualization integration, and peerless ongoing maintenance and support. Leveraging its advanced knowledge in the latest equipment, data-acceleration technologies, deep learning cloud infrastructures, dense architectures, and cyber security. The end result is a customized cutting edge and high secure private or hybrid cloud with uncompromising performance, reliability, security, flexibility, and regulatory compliance.

Once hosted private and hybrid clouds are implemented, you can trust SkyScale to manage the hardware, storage, network, and dedicated Internet access, allowing you to focus on your operating environment, middleware and applications.


Various platforms to choose from to fit your specific application needs

Each Customer Receives

  • A dedicated, bare-metal, non-virtualized system for the time they purchase

  • Use of our vast available software library without additional costs or hidden fees

Additional Options

  • Rent dedicated, non-virtualized platform with our full software library suite preloaded by a SkyScale technician

  • Access a comprehensive catalog of GPU-accelerated containers comprised of deep learning software, managed applications, visualization tools, and more, specifically optimized for the Tesla V100 and P100 GPU processors

  • Customized configurations encouraged! SkyScale will gladly work with you to create the best solution for your business needs

  • Rent to own options available. Pay monthly instead of making a large up-front purchase.


Security, Reliability & Compliance

As the leading provider of cloud-based dedicated multi-GPU platforms for HPC and deep learning, security and reliability are critical components of SkyScale's business. SkyScale's owned and hosted private and hybrid clouds are secured in industry-leading datacenters in San Diego, CA, Houston, TX, Seattle, WA and Ashburn, VA. Featuring unmatched reliability and physical and cyber security, the data centers are audited to the strictest standards. Whether for corporate requirements or peace of mind, SkyScale welcomes customer visits and audits (U.S. citizens, per ITAR requirements). Each client gets a secure, dedicated system with no virtual machines operating on the same system. A dedicated internet connection along with your own IP address aids in the isolation of your system.

Software Library



Optional: Preinstalled Machine Learning Frameworks

Optional: Preinstalled Tools and Libraries

MLPython • ML Dependencies (400MB Python) • cuDNN (5.0 & 5.1) • DIGITS

Caffe on Spark • CUDA & NVIDIA driver • CUB (CUDA building blocks) • NCCL