HPC as a Service

Ideal for data-intensive high performance computing applications that generate large data sets to be processed using proprietary or commercially available software.


We operate the latest Volta GPUs from NVIDIA, 12x faster than previous solutions used by other providers. The overwhelming advantage is that you can focus on your application and not the underlying infrastructure saving you time and money.

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Select the ideal platform for your specific application needs.

In addition to these models you can:

  • Rent a dedicated, non-virtualized platform and load your application software
  • Rent space on a dedicated, non-virtualized platform with our full software library preloaded
  • Lease for an extended time period –week, month, or year– with discounts for more than 6 months
  • Rent to own. Pay monthly instead of making a large up-front purchase.
  • Purchase a new system and apply 25% of your first two months’ rent to the purchase price
  • Purchase the system you use and apply 50% of the first two months’ rent to the purchase price

Software Library



Preinstalled Machine Learning Frameworks

Preinstalled Machine Learning Libraries

MLPython • ML Dependencies (400MB Python) • cuDNN (5.0 & 5.1) • DIGITS

Caffe on Spark • CUDA & NVIDIA driver • CUB (CUDA building blocks) • NCCL

Each Customer Receives

 A dedicated, sanitized system for the time they purchase

 The ability to scale up or down as they require

 Use of our vast available software library without additional costs or hidden fees


Each HPCaaS client gets a secure, dedicated system with no virtual machines operating on the same system. A dedicated internet connection along with your own IP address aids in the isolation of your system.

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