Desktop Expansion Reaches the Consumer Market

Slots, slots, and more slots has long been the cry of industrial and commercial users since the advent of the PC. Slots provide the ability to add specialized cards that perform application functions that the PC or Mac  Workstation don’t have. In fact, the Mac Pro Workstation only provides one PCIex16 and two PCIe x4 Gen2 slots. Laptops offer even a greater challenge if you want to add application boards because they don’t provide any extra slots.

PCIe over Cable Goes Mainstream

In 2007 the PCI-SIG approved the PCI Express External Cabling Specification that defines how PCI Express can be implemented over a standard cable. This new capability allows the full bandwidth of the PCIe bus to be utilized within multiple chassis systems and small local networks.

PCIe Outside the Box

Now that PCI Express has achieved nearly 100% acceptance in desktop and laptop PCs, designers are looking to leverage the technology into other form factors and applications.  Over 60 form factors have now been defined using PCIe as the backplane bus architecture.

Rice University's Oil and Gas HPC Workshop 2014

One Stop Systems exhibited at Rice University Oil and Gas for High Performance Computing on March 6, 2014. We showcased our high performance computing products, such as our High Density Compute Accelerator (HDCA) which can accomodate up to 16 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. We look forward to exhibiting at the show in 2015. Check back next year for more details. 

About 2014 Oil and Gas HPC Workshop

ROBEN-3TX & ROBEN-3PX2 configurable 5.25” bays

MAGMA has discovered an issue with the customer configurable 5.25” bays on the on ROBEN-3TX and ROBEN-3PX2 product. Initial production chassis shipped prior to 2/15/14, were configured incorrectly such that there is no mechanism to secure 5.25” devices in these bays when the blank plates on the face of the chassis are removed. Product may be returned for a replacement chassis configured to accommodate 5.25” devices.

ROBEN-3 Card Interference

MAGMA has discovered that some full length cards may have an interference fit issue on slot 3 of the ROBEN-3 product. The jack screw on the face plate of certain full length cards (e.g. AVID HDX) will interfere with the card guide slot of the chassis, preventing installation of the card. Product may be returned for repair by contacting MAGMA technical support as detailed below.

P13RR-TEL transition to P13RR-RAS

In order to streamline our product lines, we will be replacing the chassis of the current P13RR-TEL to the enclosure for our soon to be released RAS Product Line. In addition, the part number will be changed from P13RR-TEL to P13RR-RAS. A comparison between the P13RR-TEL and the new P13RR-RAS chassis is attached.

  • Availability of current P13RR-TEL: While Supplies Last
  • Availability of new P13RR-RAS: Estimated December 2010


Ultra Quiet 500W to replace all 400W power supplies

In order to streamline our product lines, MAGMA has decided to replace all 400W power supplies with an Ultra Quiet 500W power supply for the following product lines:

  • 4 Slot (PCI and PCI Express) – base model name: CB4DRQ / PCI4DRQ / EB4
  • 7 Slot (PCI and PCI Express) – base model name: P7R4 / P7R464 / P7R46S / EB7
  • 6 Slot (PCI-X) – model name: PE6R4 13 Slot (PCI) – base model name: P13R