All-in-One Flash Arrays

Provide up to 200TB high-density PCIe NVMe flash and support up to 8 million IOPS with 80GB/second throughput

The fastest, most flexible and powerful turnkey storage solution in the high performance computing market.

The OSS Networked Flash Storage Arrays optimize the hardware for the environment and the software for the application.

2U Flash Storage Network Array

Offers a usable capacity of 13 terabytes and the performance of more than 600,000 IOPS for 4KB random writes in 2U rack space.

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4U Flash Storage Network Arrays

The FSAn-4 commercial version and the FSAn-4R rugged version are all-in-one flash arrays capable of supplying 200TB of useable PCIe NVMe flash.

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StorageBox 1000

The High Capacity, Fastest and Most Modular Direct Attached NVMe Storage Device for VDI and HPC. Magma StorageBox 1000 (SB1000) provides 25.6TB of NVMe SSD storage through eight 2.5” drives. The SB1000 attaches through a PCIe card and cable operating at 128Gbps. This 1U JBOF provides super fast drive performance and low latency for the most demanding VDI and HPC applications.

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