Accelerate your most complex workloads in scientific computing, data analytics, or seismic processing, and witness the power of the world’s first 32GB server GPU, the AMD FirePro™ S9170.

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The AMD FIREPRO S9170 has 44 compute units from a single “Hawaii” XL GT44 GPU, 320 GB/s memory bandwidth and a 512-bit memory interface. The S9170 leverages the PCB dimensions of the previous AMD FirePro and only requires 275W of power.

  AMD FirePro S9170
GPU Single "Hawaii" XL GT44
Compute Units 44
GDDR5 Memory 32GB
Memory Bandwidth 320GB/s
Peak Performance

5.24 Tflops SP

2.62 Tflops DP

Compute and Graphics Processing Full OpenGL Acceleration
Total Board Power 275W