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PCIe Gen 4 Rugged Short-Depth Server Appliance for Edge AI
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There are three major deployment scenarios for AI applications at the edge depending on the user’s definition of the “Edge.”

For simple AI inference, ultra-low power Internet of Things (IoT) devices suffice. For small-scale, air-conditioned datacenter buildings closer to industry, standard servers handle the task. But, when deploying highly complex AI training, re-training, or large-scale inference applications at the edge, especially in spaces that move, a more rugged, flexible yet high-performance server architecture is required.

These AI Transportable™ applications such as autonomous vehicles, situational command and control, aerospace, and high-complexity video-based inference and security often require real-time decision-making with limited 5G or no network connectivity to a centralized datacenter.

Highlighted Product

PCIe Gen4 3U SDS Server (EOS-3U-4a) EOS-3U-4a
The Gen 4 PCIe SDS-3U-4a contains options for Dual or Single-Socket AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processors and provides a feature packed server platform for up to four Gen4 GPUs or FPGAs accelerator, front-removable NVMe storage and the most native PCIe 4.0 x16 slots available on the market.
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AI Gold Webinar
Collecting, encrypting and creating value quickly from large AI datasets in Defense, Aerospace, Autonomous Vehicles and Security with no-compromise, AI Transportable™ infrastructure at the edge.