Jaan Mannik, our Director of Western U.S. & International Sales at One Stop Systems gave a talk this Friday, November 8th at the Automated Driving Systems Conference & Expo. Jaan discussed  AI on the Fly® systems and their influence in High Performance Computing on the Edge at Green Valley Ranch, Estancia F in Henderson, Nevada.


Automated Driving Systems Conference

The Automated Driving Systems Conference will discuss the latest advances that the industry have made in self-driving vehicles, including software development verification and validation, crash avoidance capability, cyber security, and predicting behaviour of detected objects.

ADSs conference presentations and panel discussions will also include sensor technologies, Algorithmic Transparency, system safety, human machine interface and in-depth look at current EU and US programs.

This cutting-edge conference brings together academia, industry, transit and fleet operators, insurers, and legislatures to discuss their plans for safe self-driving vehicles and to address the challenges related to design, testing, deployment and regulations of ADSs of from Level 3 through Level 5.

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