Katie Rivera of One Stop Systems explores the power of GPUs and the potential benefits of composable infrastructure for HPC. 

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Composable infrastructure using expansion accelerators provides many benefits. HPC data scientists can use servers they already own and add GPU expansion and NVMe storage via expansion with no additional server investment. At GTC Europe in Munich last month, OSS released two of the most powerful GPU expansion accelerators used in composable infrastructure solutions, the CA16010 and SCA8000. Both expand the performance of typical GPU-accelerated compute nodes to new limits. The CA16010 high-density compute accelerator (HDCA) platform delivers 16 PCIe NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs providing over 1.7 petaflops of Tensor Operations in a single node for maximum performance in the highest density per rack.  Using the OSS GPUltima rack-level solution with 128 PCIe Tesla V100 GPUs, the CA16010 nodes combine for over 14 PetaFLOPs of compute capability using NVIDIA GPU Boost™.

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