Show Us Your Studio Winner: Devon Steelman

Devon Steelman, owner of Steelman Studios in LA, is a talented musician, producer and audio engineer.  He currently runs his own studio and works with musicians and artists ranging in genres from rock, to R&B to Jazz.


He began Steelman Studios as a venture in 2008 and has grown into a sought after studio for artists in LA ever since.  Steelman doesn’t just record, he also does mixing, mastering and producing through the studio’s growing list of equipment and hardware, which can be found here.  In addition to creating music, Steelman is also creating a virtual bass instrument to make it easier for musicians to create specific sounds for tracks.


In his ExpressBox 3T:

“With such a fast paced music industry, working on the go is a given. The Magma EB3T allows me to record and mix anywhere while having the power, performance, and reliability of working in a world class studio.”



You can connect with Steelman through his website and social media.