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GAS-R Edge AI GPU Accelerated Server
The GAS-R offers unprecedented compute density, performance, and flexibility for rugged edge computing environments. Read about it in this month's Tech Brief's Special Report.

Industry Spotlight: Autonomous Vehicles
9,000 TOPS* Level 5 Vehicle AI Training & Inference

EB4400 Optimized AI Transportable Compute PowerAutonomous vehicles demand GPU compute capacity operating in transportable environments and delivering datacenter AI capability. OSS expands the possibilities of autonomous vehicle solutions with over 9,000 TOPS of "no compromise" GPU compute power for Level 5 AI training and large-scale inference with the EB4400. EB4400 provides four PCIe 4.0 GPUs with up to 28 inference instances in an AI Transportable optimized enclosure meant for vehicles.
*with sparsity