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One Stop Systems: "AI Transportables" is key edge computing opportunity AI Transportables article
High-performance edge computing firm One Stop Systems, Inc. is looking to accelerate growth in 2021 by tapping in to demand for edge AI. Implementing artificial intelligence at the edge is a hot industry topic, and it's the focus of a lot of technology development and investment. OSS plans to make inroads by focusing on a segment of the edge computing market that executives are calling "AI Transportables."

Edge Industry Review interviews Jim Ison, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of OSS to talk more about edge computing outside the controlled environment of a data center and the company's view of the AI transportable market.
OSS Corporate Strategy Presentation
May 2021

AI Transportables presentation
We are all about the datacenter at "the Very Edge"... the AI Transportable Edge...when AI can't wait for the cloud. Watch our Corporate Presentation to learn more about "AI Transportables" and how OSS products excel within this niche of Edge computing.
Create Value from AI Datasets
AI Gold Webinar
Collecting, encrypting and creating value quickly from large AI datasets in Defense, Aerospace, Autonomous Vehicles and Security with no-compromise, AI Transportable™ infrastructure at the edge.