The Magma Engineering and Compatibility Test Group has determined that some Pro Tools users with Magma CardBus card (PN: 01-04551-02) and the current PCI bridge on the expansion chassis, may experience computer lock-up or clicks and pops in audio when using Playback Engine sizes of 2 or more DSPs. The Magma Engineering and Compatibility Test Group has also determined these issues may be alleviated by swapping out the original Magma CardBus card (PN: 01-04551-02) with a different version of the Magma CardBus card (PN: 01- 04551-03).

Magma is committed to providing quality products. Due to End-of-Life (EOL) issues, Magma Engineering must periodically source replacement components. The Magma Engineering and Compatibility Test Group performs vigorous testing to ensure that any replacement component performs as a drop in replacement for the EOL component. However, this is a challenging and continuous task due to the potential exponential mix of host computers and 3rd party applications in the marketplace used with the Magma PCI Expansion Systems.

The current Magma CardBus card is built using a DEC (Intel) bridge chip and the current expansion interface card (in the chassis) is built using a PERICOM bridge chip. The use of the PERICOM bridge chip on the expansion interface card was introduced mid-year 2004 as a replacement to the DEC (Intel) bridge chip, which has been discontinued by Intel.

Some Pro Tools users may experience performance problems using the current DEC CardBus card (PN: 01- 04551-02) with the new PERICOM expansion interface card. Magma has released a different version of the Magma CardBus card, built with a PLX bridge chip (PN: 01-04551-03) that may alleviate some of the referenced issues of Pro Tools users.

Not all Pro Tools users will experience problems with the DEC CardBus card and PERICOM bridge chip expansion interface combinations.

For current CardBus chassis owners who are experiencing problems:

  • Contact Magma Technical Support at (858) 530-2511 or email and to request an Advanced Replacement PLX CardBus Card – Model Number CBHIF-PLX.

For new orders:

  • When placing your order with Magma, mention Model Number REPCBHIF-PLX to ensure that you receive the new CardBus card.


Model Description Price

Use this model number if you already owen a CardBus Expansion Chassis. Return the original CardBus card (PN:01-04551-02) for a credit of $299. Please contact Magma for an RMA number first.
PLX Cardbus Host Interface $299 (may be refunded)

Use this mModel Number when purchasing a CardBus Expansion Chassis
Replacement: PLX CardBus Host Interface No charge