SMPTE is held once a year and is put on by the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers.  SMPTE is a technical event and lets industry leaders, companies, and film makers collaborate, demonstrate, and experiment with technologies that are pushing the industry into new frontiers.  Magma attended this year and partnered with LumaForge and CEO Neil Smith.  Neil creates cost effective workflow solutions for clients in the film and television industry, and has been a longtime user and fan of Magma chassis.  This year, he was demonstrating live 4K and even 6K workflows with Magma chassis in the middle of each one.  He relies on Magma chassis to handle incredible amounts of data that are being accessed, processed, transcoded, and displayed all at once.

In addition to partnering with Neil Smith, Magma also had its newest chassis on display, the ROBEN-3.  While not in the live workflow, attendees were able to see it first hand, see the inner workings of them, and ask questions regarding specs and capabilities. Victoria Kohlhorst, Magma’s worldwide strategic partner manager, and Julia Elbert, VP of engineering, were on hand to showcase the newest chassis.  Magma expects ROBEN-3 to available very soon!  To stay connected with the latest happenings regarding ROBEN-3 you can visit



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