At SC20 we showcased the latest Gen4 products. Watch the video to learn more. 

Check out our Storage Box 2000 with 24 front loading drives, 2U EOS server with SATA/SAS/Gen4 NVMe drives, and the NVIDIA® HGX-A100 platform with the ThunderX3 ARM platform from Marvell.

We also showcased our New 4U Pro and our EB3450 expansion chassis which are designed for rugged transportable HPC applications. Also check out the 3US with 32 NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs that can be used for AI inferencing.


About Supercomputing Conference  (SC20)

HPC is the underpinning for many of today's most exciting new research areas, from machine learning to artifical intelligence to quantum computing. Working with science teams across disciplines, we are finding new ways to fight disease, combat poverty and homelessness, grow heartier crops, and better predict natural disasters. Bring your passion and energy for HPC to SC20, and together, we can be more than HPC.