In this newsletter, we do a recap of our presence at International Supercomputing 2014 (ISC14). We also discuss upcoming events, such as the RTECC San Diego show coming up in August and Supercomputing 2014 (U.S.) in November. Be sure to check out our booths if you're at the shows!


July Newsletter
ISC 14 Recap
One Stop Systems had a great time exhibiting at International Supercomputing 2014 (ISC14). We showed our High Density Compute Accelerator (HDCA) with sixteen NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. We also showed off our Flash Storage Array (FSA) which can accommodate up to 32 Flash memory boards. We look forward to exhibiting at ISC15!
See our products at RTECC San Diego on August 21st
See our products at SC14 in November!


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Download the HDCA Brochure
Download the FSA Brochure
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