David Morgenstern, stopped by the One Stop Systems booth at Macworld 2014 and learned about our CUBEs. In his article for ZDNet.com he discusses some of the new Thunderbolt technology at the show, including the OSS line of CUBE Expansion Enclosures

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The CUBE desktop enclosures dramatically increase your system's functionality by supporting up to eight PCIe cards. With ample cooling and power, they easily support the latest high-end PCIe cards. Loosen the access screw on the rear panel to install your add-in card(s) into any of The CUBEs. Attach the PCIe cable adapter to your computer and instantly your system delivers increased functionality, making the installation quick and easy. The only drivers required to your host system are the ones required by your add-in card. To learn more about these products, click here.

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