In this newsletter, we discuss the redesign of our CUBEs, both structurally and aesthetically. The new CUBEs are available on We also discuss some of our new products that we will be debuting at SC14. Some of the products are still top secret so we can’t talk about them yet, but make sure to stop by our booth (754) to see what cool new products we’re bringing to the HPC market.


October Newsletter
Look What's Happening at OSS
2U Low Cost Server Enclosure
One Stop systems introduces a low cost, highly integrated 2U server product line. There will be three different servers. The first will be a minimum of 2+DVD front removable storage solution. The second will be a hybrid 16+2+DVD front removable storage solution. The third will be a maximum 23 bay front removable storage solution. These servers will be paired with the 3U High Density Computer accelerators. 
New Products at SC14
One Stop Systems will be debuting several new products at SC14 this year. Including the new server offering shown above, we will be showing two other new products. These other two products will be released at the show so we can't tell you about them yet. But make sure to stop by our booth (754) to see these exciting new products first hand!
CUBEs Redesigned!
One Stop Systems has redesigned the CUBEs both inside and out. The new sleek design features an all black case. In addition to a facelift, the CUBE2, CUBE3 and 
µCUBE2 have had structural upgrades. These three CUBEs come with internal power supplies that make them slightly bottom heavy. The new design features additional structure to add support for the sled. The new CUBEs are available on
See our products at SC14 in November!


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