In this newsletter, we discuss the upcoming Supercomputing Conference taking place in Austin, Texas next month. We also highlight another HPC Application (VDI) in this newsletter.


           Expanding the Limits of HPC
October Newsletter
Upcoming Show: Supercomputing 2015 
The One Stop Systems Compute Accelerators can accommodate a wide variety of double-wide GPUs including the GeForce GTX Titan X and GeForce GTX980 GPUs. The 4U Compute Accelerator with the Titan X GPUs adds over 46,000 cores and 52 Tflops of compute power to one or more servers. The 4U Compute Accelerator with GTX980 GPUs adds over 32,760 cores to one or more servers. Both of these systems are 4U with a high hat top cover which adds 1U of height to the traditional 3U in order to accommodate the auxiliary power cables needed for Titan X and GTX980s. To learn more about the various compute accelerators, click here
HPC Application Highlight: VDI
GPUs and flash memory are used in numerous VDI applications today and the number is rapidly growing. The need to store and transcribe huge amounts of data through image and data processing is becoming overwhelming. The more GPUs and flash memory available, the quicker the data can be used. GPU appliances supporting multiple NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Phi coprocessors and Flash memory appliances supporting multiple Fusion-io flash memory cards are quickly becoming the best and most economical way of accomplishing this tremendous feat. Learn more here.
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