One Stop Systems - The CUBE Family of Expansion Enclosures

Mark Gunn and Steve Cooper of One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), the leader in PCI Express (PCIe) expansion products and custom computing solutions, introduce the latest in desktop expansion enclosures: The CUBE.  

Video Transcript: Expansion enclosures are typically rackmount enclosures that house a number of cards connected to a PC. We decided to bring that technology into the consumer commercial world and build expansion enclosures that would be desktop, that would be aesthetically pleasing, and that would be easy for the consumer to use The CUBEs, which a few of the models are here, are a family of products intended for low end expansion, adding add-in boards to laptops or desktops where rather than putting the add in board inside the desktop you can put it in an external enclosure and then cable it back to your desktop or laptop. PCs have a limited number of slots and oftentimes you use all the slots that are available for add-in cards that you've got. In a laptop it's even more obvious because there is no place to put add-in boards into laptops so for the laptop scenario, you simply hook the cable up to an external expansion and you're ready to go. The expansion chassis is a good companion to that laptop. It's very portable, very light-weight. The CUBE comes in a number of different options with one to eight slots. It'll accommodate a number of different connectivity packages from PCI Express operating up to 128GB/s. It'll also accommodate Thunderbolt. It's similar conceptually to what a lot of people are doing with disk drives (external disk drives) where they're connecting a USB cable over to an external disk drive to get that capability. It gives them a lot of advantages that they can take that with them, and a very similar concept although rather than using USB as our cabling infrastructure, we're using either Thunderbolt for the Macintosh line or PCI Express over cable. Both of those standards are vastly higher performance than USB. It's lightweight. It is whisper quiet and it costs less than most comparable pieces of equipment out there today. We have three families of CUBEs to total eight different physical sizes of CUBEs. The three families are the CUBE which is intended for the full length card, the micro CUBE and the nanoCUBE family, that's this Plexiglas clear family. So you have different lengths of cards, then within each family, you have different numbers of slots. The variety of options that the CUBE allows makes it a much more practical and attractive system than any of the other systems on the market today.

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