One Stop Systems- High Density Compute Accelerators

OSS continues its pioneering tradition by producing High Performance Computing Appliances targeting advanced technologies in any market with high-performance, high-density requirements. OSS provides flexible platforms for high-density next generation storage, GPU accelerated computing and professional audio and video applications. For more information about this product, click here.

Video Transcript: High Performance Computing uses GPUs or Graphics Processing Units to perform and accelerate scientific and engineering applications. GPUs require a lot of power and a lot of cooling and they're best located in enclosures separate from the server. One Stop Systems designs and manufactures these enclosures that house from two to thirty two boards and connect to the server or servers via PCI Express operating at 128GB/s. We sometimes talk about the expansion chassis as simply a chassis that a user can put in a high performance card. So we're trying to take expansion chassis one step further and with preconfigured appliances, solve any of the integration issues so now instead of you even having to put the add-in cards in, you simply buy an appliance, hook the cable up and you've got these thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of extra compute cores that you just plug in and go. The 1U unit is a unit that holds 2 GPUs. The 2U unit holds twice as many boards and then we have the largest 3U unit which is the one that holds up to sixteen accelerator boards for the high performance computing market. So those sixteen boards can be anything from NVIDIA, Intel (their Phi products) or any other FPGA type acceleration board that will allow servers to really unleash the power of computations. The 3U rackmountable expansion enclosure supports three 3000 watt power supplies that are easily loaded into the front of the enclosure. Four pre-loaded canisters each containing four Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors or NVIDIA Tesla GPUs slide into the enclosure and the front bezel snaps in place. One to four servers can be cabled to the rear of the enclosure supporting four to sixteen boards. Each connection operates at Gen3 speeds up to 128GB/s. One Stop Systems is a global provider to data centers of 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U expansion systems connected to servers via PCI Express. You can call in and talk to one of our applications engineers and design the system that meets your requirements or you can order them online at

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