One Stop Systems - PCIe GPU Enclosure

Tyler demonstrates how The CUBE desktop Expansion Enclosures can turn your PC into a supercomputer. He also gives a brief overview of how easy to use CUBEs are. 

Video Transcript: How would you like to transform your PC into a supercomputer making graphics intensive applications like film editing, animation, 3D rendering and color correction operate at lightning speeds? You can easily do this by adding an adapter card to your PC. The CUBE is the easiest way to add high performance cards to your PC. Add-in cards like GPUs and Flash drive boards can easily increase the performance of your computer. How many times have you needed a high-end, power-hungry GPU in your system that required more power and cooling than your system was equipped for? Since PCI Express is the bus structure of all PCs today, it's relatively easy to extend that native bus on your PC to an external enclosure that provides any number of high speed slots. Also, supporting a number of GPUs operating at about 300 watts each requires a lot of power and cooling that is not typically accommodated by a usual PC. The CUBE can support both double wide and single wide PCIe cards. You can easily install any PCI Express board into the CUBE by loosening the thumb screw, removing the metal tray, and installing your board as you would in any other situation. Once you've done that, simply replace the tray. Replace the single thumb screw. And cable it to your computer. Then you're ready to go. In addition, some applications require fast storage that can download a lot of data speed at hundreds of times faster than disk drives can support. Today's NAND Flash drives can support terabytes of data at write speeds of greater than 1500 writes per second. These boards require a lot less bandwidth than GPUs and usually only occupy one slot. Therefore, a CUBE2, which provides up to 5 slots, or Or a CUBE3, providing up to eight slots, can support a combination of both Flash drives and GPUs in a single enclosure. One Stop Systems designs and manufactures these high performance desktop, as well as rackmount expansion enclosures with a variety of options that can shorten your production time. If you would like more information about these products, you can go to to contact your local sales representative.

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