Scenario: A CUBE attached to a laptop via a Thunderbolt or ExpressCard connector. The CUBE contains a GPU card.
1. I assume that the laptop could use the GPU as a numerical processing resource for CUDA or OpenCL, right?
2. But could a user who needs more graphic processing horsepower (like to render video, for example) use the GPU for that purpose? Does the laptop see the GPU as an installed PCIe device and use it that way? Or does it depend on the laptop?

The Cube allows any PCIe peripheral to plug into a laptop via PCIe Express Card slots or Thunderbolt slots including GPUs for video or GP GPU rendering. While there are no hardware restrictions on this connection, the laptop BIOS may limit the types of hardware supported over the PCIe or Thunderbolt link. In addition, some peripheral drivers may not support the operating system of some laptops or embedded products with ExpressCard or Thunderbolt ports. For example, a laptop or embedded host system that runs Windows 8 RT may not support a high end peripheral with only a Windows 8 driver. As part of the ongoing Thunderbolt testing, we must perform a series of regression tests on peripherals that will be posted on our web site when completed.