ExpressBox 3400 features 7 full-length full-height PCIe slots built on PCIe Gen 3, making it perfect for adding attaching up to 8TB of ultra low latency NVMe PCIe SSD directly to your server.

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Magma’s ExpressBox 3400-NVMe is a Gen 3 PCIe Expansion product specifically designed for attaching NVMe PCIe SSD cards directly to any compatible server. Featuring 7 PCIe slots, x8 electrical and x16 mechanical, the EB3400 is ideal not only for high performance I/O PCIe cards, but is perfect for super fast SSD and computational GPUs. Known for reliability, Magma designed this chassis with the extremes of simulation, test and measurement, and high performance computing in mind. EB3400-NVMe is highly adaptable and has the ability to be rack-mounted in a server room and is small enough for custom applications in the field.


  • Seamlessly expand servers and workstations with 7 additional PCI Express slots
  • Supports x8 Gen 3 speeds up to 80 Gbps
  • Can be paired with another EB3400-NVMe for maximum storage density
  • Space optimized design
  • Daisy-chain or end-point device


  • Transparent extension of PCI express signals outside the computer
  • Use any combination of x1, x4, x8 and x16 PCIe cards
  • Low profile host card allows for easy installation in low profile computers
  • Supports peer to peer transfers between cards in the expansion chassis to provide full bandwidth potential among I/O cards
  • Supports daisy chaining or fan out configuration of multiple expansion chassis

ExpressBox 3400 with NVMe Storage Specifications

ExpressBox 3400-NVMe PCIe Expansion - 7 Slot for NVMe PCIe SSD Cards
  • PCI Express Bus Specification Rev 3.0
  • PCI Local Bus Specification Rev 2.3
  • PCI Bridge Architecture Rev 1.2
  • 8 PCIe slots, 1 dedicated for expansion (upstream) interface
  • x8 PCIe Gen 3 slot speeds (x16 connectors)
Host Card Low profile x8 PCIe copper or fiber 1.25A @ 3.3V maximum
Interconnect Bandwidth 80 Gbps (PCIe x8 Gen 3)
Material Steel Enclosure with Aluminum Lid
Dimensions 16.5” L x 8.5” W x 7” H (419mm x 216mm x 184mm)
System Cooling
(2) 92mm x 92mm x 25mm fans
Power Supply
520W Internal Power Supply
Ambient Temperature 0º to 50º C
Storage Temperature -20º to 60º C
Relative Humidity 5% to 85% non-condensing
Regulatory Compliance
FCC Class A Verified
CE Certified
RoHS Compliant
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 7, 8
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher
  • Linux
  • Solaris
30 day money back guarantee
1 year return to factory
Package Contents
  • (7) PCI Express Gen 3 x8 slots
  • Cooling Fans
  • PCI Express Card slot openings
  • Power Cord Socket
Hardware Included
  • (1) PCIe x8 Gen 3 Cable
  • (1) PCIe x8 Gen 3 Host Card
  • (1) Power Cord