Provides 204.8TB of fast Flash storage to the 2U Expansion Server

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The Flash Storage Expansion plus Server (FSA-SAN) offers up to 200TB shared Flash with a choice of the fastest SAN connectivity options including 16GbFibre Channel, 100Gb Infiniband and 40Gb iSCSI. Specialized software helps enterprises gain insight from information faster by improving application performance and shortening application response times, thus increasing competitive advantage. A High Availability (HA) option supports up to a petabyte of fast Flash storage. The new San supports FDR IB, 40Gb Ethernet and 12Gb FC and includes the ION Accelerator from Western Digital.

Flash Storage Expansion

The FSAe-3 is a 3U appliance that delivers 16 million IOPS with 200TB Flash storage, making it the ideal platform for high-speed data recording and processing, lightning fast data response time, high-availability and flexibility in the cloud. At an overall height of 3U and 24” deep, the 19” rack mount FSAe-3 packs 32 ioScale modules into four individually removable sleds. The sleds and enclosure are made of light-weight, rugged aluminum with ample redundant power and filtered air cooling optimized to the installation environment. The local IPMI module optimizes the enclosure parameters to the environment while also allowing the power user to set features through SNMP or the built in user interface based on the overall policy of the installation. The small footprint, removable sleds and light weight allows easy one-person installation in data centers, airborne ISR platforms, mobile shelters and portable transit cases. The 3U x 18” x 3.4” memory sleds fit easily into an available roll-aboard style locking transportation case or standard data safe to protect your investment and your data in highly secure environments.

"The test results indicate that users can reach over 6 million IOPS and 26Gb/s of throughput from the full complement of SSDs with multiple hosts. There are SSDs on the market currently, and many more headed to the market in the future that offer more performance than both of the SSD models we utilized in our tests. Users will likely achieve better performance with newer SSD models, particularly in less-intense workloads due to enhanced scaling, as the ecosystem continues to mature," wrote Paul Alcorn, Contributing Editor for Tom's IT Pro. To read the independent review of the 3U FSAe-3 done by Tom's IT Pro, click here.

2U Server

The 2U server has the newest Intel Broadwell processors and is guaranteed to work with expansion. It features 11 PCIe 3.0 ½ height, ¾ length slots and has a variety of front panel storage options. The three configurations consist of (1) two 2.5” removable SATA/SAS HDD carriers and one slim DVD location, (2) eighteen 2.5” removeable SATA/SAS HDD carriers and one slim DVD location, (3) and twenty-four two 2.5” removable SATA/SAS HDD carriers. The server features the Supermicro X9DRG-UF Motherboard. The front of the server has two USB 3.0 ports, an on/off power switch and LEDs for power on and HDD activity.

Learn more about the 2U Expansion Optimized Server (EOS)

Fusion-io Atomic Series 6.4TB Specifications


MLC (Multi Level Cell)

Read Bandwidth                

2.7 GB/s

Write Bandwidth

2.1 GB/s

Ran. Read IOPS (4K)       


Ran. Write IOPS (4K)


Read Access Latency

92 µs

Write Access Latency    

15 µs

PBW (typical)    



7.25 ounces

Form Factor       

Full-height, half-length

Intel SSD DC P3608 Series


1.6  TB

3.2 TB

4 TB

Sequential Read/Write (up to MB/s)                




Random 4KB Read/Write (up to IOPS)




Random 4KB 70/30 Read/Write (up to IOPS)       




Form Factor




The Flash Storage Expansion Plus Server (FSA-SAN)

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Flash Storage Expansion

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