GPU Appliances

Provide thousands of cores and hundreds of Tflops of compute performance

GPU Appliances are high-density, fully integrated computer clusters that are purpose-built for HPC applications.

The GPUltima and the DGX-1 provide different levels of density and power to fulfill a wide range of customer needs.


The GPUltima is a petaflop computational cluster in a rack that contains up to eight nodes with each node containing up to 16 accelerators and one or two dual-socket servers. Customers can build up to the full rack, one node at a time, depending on their application requirements. Multiple nodes provide different performance capabilities, dependent on the number accelerators employed. All NVIDIA accelerators exchange data through Infiniband 100Gb transfers using GPU Direct RDMA. All GPUs are connected to a root complex through up to four 128Gb PCI Express connections. Root complexes are connected to the GPUs through Infiniband and each other and the outside world through Ethernet.

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GPU Accelerated Servers

The OSS-PASCAL4 and OSS-PASCAL8 are purpose-built for deep learning applications with fully integrated hardware and software. The OSS-PASCAL 8 is a 170 TeraFLOP engine with 80GB/s NVLink for the largest deep learning models. The OSS-PASCAL4 provides 21.2 TeraFLOPS of double precision performance with an 80GB/s GPU peer-to-peer NVLink. These systems are tuned for out-of-the-box operation and quick and easy deployment.

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