Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors provide up to 61 cores, 244 threads, and 1.2 teraflops of performance, and they come in a variety of configurations to address diverse hardware, software, workload, performance, and efficiency requirements. They also come in a variety of form factors, including a standard PCIe x16 form factor (with active, passive, or no thermal solution), and a dense form factor that offers additional design flexibility.

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The Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor 3100 family provides outstanding parallel performance. It is an excellent choice for compute-bound workloads, such as MonteCarlo, black-Scholes, HPL, LifeSc, and many others. Active and passive cooling options provide flexible support for a variety of server and workstation systems.

The Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor 5100 family is optimized for high-density computing and is well-suited for workloads that are memory-bandwidth bound, such as STREAM, memory-capacity bound, such as ray-tracing, or both, such as reverse time migration (RTM). These coprocessors are passively cooled and have the lowest thermal design power (TDP) of the Intel Xeon Phi product family.

The Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor 7100 family provides the most features and the highest performance and memory capacity of the Intel Xeon Phi product family. This family supports Intel® Turbo boost Technology 1.0, which increases core frequencies during peak workloads when thermal conditions allow. Passive and no thermal solution options enable powerful and innovative computing solutions.