NVMe over Fabrics and GPU Direct Storage Boost HPC and AI Edge Applications

Tim Miller, VP of Product Marketing at One Stop Systems discusses how deploying edge HPC solutions - instead of data movement over relativiely slow or unsecure networks to distant datacenters - provides significant benefits in cost, responsivenes and security.

Read the Full Article on insideHPC HERE.


AI System Design for Rugged Military Environments

One Stop Systems incorporates thermal and structural analysis through simulation as key design tools to meet the wide variety of environmental demands of some of the industry leaders in military HPC applications.   Read the article published on Military Embedded Systems.

Transform Raw Data to Real Time Actionable Intelligence

Tim Miller, Vice President of Strategy at OSS, discusses the importance of transforming raw data to real time actionable intelligence using HPC at the edge. The imperative now is to move processing closer to where the data is being sourced, and apply high performance computing edge technologies so real time insights can drive business actions.  Read the article published on InsideBIGDATA.