How HPC is Increasing Speed and Accuracy

Our very own Mark Gunn delves into several high performance computing applications that are encountering the problem of slow and inefficient data processing. This article is published on insideHPC.

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New Thunderbolt Adapters, Drives on Display at Macworld Expo

David Morgenstern, stopped by the One Stop Systems booth at Macworld 2014 and learned about our CUBEs. In his article for he discusses some of the new Thunderbolt technology at the show, including the OSS line of CUBE Expansion Enclosures

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Expo Notes: Thunderbolt Takes Over

At Macworld 2014 we met with Jim Galbraith at the One Stop Systems booth and he had a chance to see our CUBEs. In his article for he discusses how Thunderbolt technologies, like the OSS CUBE Expansion Enclosures dominated the scene at the show.

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The CUBE Desktop Expansion Enclosure is the Ideal Laptop Companion for On-location Computing

What do you do when an application you need to use requires a specialized PCIe board and your laptop doesn’t a have a slot to accommodate it? Expansion enclosures provide needed slots and connect easily to either your PC or your OC or Workstation.  While several desktop expansion enclosures have been introduced in the last couple of years, no other has offered the breadth of options as ‘The CUBE’ family of expansion enclosures.

High Density Compute Acceleration for GeoInt Applications

Geospatial Intelligence (GeoInt) applications used by the military to create real time mapping of the battlefield require high compute acceleration to provide necessary data quickly. Today these calculations are performed with specialized software running on GPU cards, coprocessors, or FPGA cards.  The military gathers vast amounts of information from a variety of sources that needs to be manipulated to generate the 2D and 3D mapping required by field operations.