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13 Slot PCI Expansion - RAS

13 slot mission critical expansion chassis

Magma P13RR-RAS is a rugged COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) expansion system designed specifically for industrial telephony and military-grade configurations requiring additional PCI slots and remote monitoring capability. The expansion system is designed to fit conveniently into any rack cabinet and the included card hold down system keeps your cards securely in place. The Magma P13RR-RAS provides a simple solution for expanding the PCI expansion capability of your computer or server. The expansion chassis contains thirteen PCI slots that connect to the host computer through a host card and 1-meter expansion cable.

Remote Monitoring

In addition to the ruggedized chassis, hot-swappable redundant power supply, and field-replaceable high volume fans, the P13RR-RAS also monitors critical components inside the chassis. The SNMP remote monitoring system adds the ability to remotely monitor the status of the P13RR-RAS through a build-in web server and ethernet connection. SNMP monitors the power supply, fans, and chassis temperature, alerting you of any problems by sounding an audible alarm.

Cost-Effective Migration and Increased I/O Capacity

The Magma PCI Expansion solution provides a migration path to expand your available number of PCI slots while maintaining a consistent PCI configuration. Magma products provide increased I/O capacity and scalability because multiple expansion systems can be combined to provide an almost unlimited number of PCI slots* to a single computer. This type of scalability is especially useful in industries such as Telecom, Data Acquisition, Video Monitoring, server storage, and manufacturing test fixtures. *As defined by the PCI Local Bus Specification, the theoretical maximum per single computer is 255 PCI buses.

Easy Installation

The Magma PCI host card relays signals from the PCI slot inside the computer motherboard to a PCI bridge chip inside the expansion chassis. The system is automatically configured by the system BIOS and all thirteen PCI slots within the expansion chassis appear transparent to the host computer. Host cards are available for the following systems: Desktop/Server: 32-Bit PCI or x1 PCI Express.


  • Rugged solution for adding PCI slots
  • Multiple expansion systems can be used with a single computer
  • Power supply, fans, and chassis temperature constantly monitored for failure status
  • Equipped with LCD display for visual failure status and audible alarm
  • Supports SNMP, enabling monitoring using industry standard management information bases (MIBs)
  • Field deployable in harsh environments


  • Compatible with servers, desktop and laptop computers
  • Includes 1-meter expansion cable
  • All 13 slots support full-length universal and legacy 5 volt only PCI cards
  • 4U, rugged black rack-mount enclosure
  • Constant critical component monitoring
  • Power supply, hot-swappable fans, and chassis temperature constantly monitored for failure status
  • Designed to provide prompt correction when fault occurs
  • Equipped with superior EMI control, vibration, shock and moisture resistance
  • PCI card hold down bar prevents cards from being dislodged during transportation
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Constant critical component monitoring
  • Field-replaceable cooling fans dedicated to cooling PCI cards
  • Optional rack slide kit for rack cabinet installation
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-461E

Designed for zero fault tolerant scenarios.  The 13 slot PCI Expansion RAS allows you to monitor cards, power supplies, and fans.

P13RR-RAS 13 Slot PCI Expansion System with standard PCI host card
  • 13 PCI slots (32-bit/33MHz)
  • PCI Local Bus Specification: Revision 2.2
  • PCI Bridge Architecture Specification: Revision 1.2
Cable 1-meter PCI expansion cable (optional 1.5-meter length)
Interconnect Bandwidth 132 MB/sec (Theoretical Max. of PCI 32/33)
Material Hardened 16 gauge steel
Rackmount 4U Black Rackmount
Dimensions 19" x 7" x 18"
Weight 35 lbs or 15.9 kg
Altitude To 15k Ft.Op,To 40k Ft.Non-op
Shock 5G @ 10ms Op, 40G @ 10ms Non-op
Vibration 2.4rms, 5Hz To 500Hz
System Cooling
  • Four (4) 77 CFM backplane fans
  • One (1) 10.9 CFM fan included in each power supply modules
Host Connection & Power Consumption
Universal PCI 32/33 0.63W max; 5V @ 0.125A
Low Profile PCI (64/33) 0.86Wmax; 3.3V @ 0.25A
x1 PCI Express® 0.69W max; 3.3V @ 0.21A
CardBus (PCMCIA) 0.42W max; 3.3V @ 0.125A
ExpressCard 0.81W max; 3.3V @ 0.21A; 1.5V @ 0.08A
Rack Installation
  Optional rack slide kit
Power Supply
Power Supply Redundant 550W
  • AC Active PFC
  • AC Input 100 - 240 VAC, 47-63HZ
  • +12V 41.0 A maximum
  • -12V 1.0A maximum
  • +5V 30.0 A maximum
  • -5V 0.5 A maximum
  • +3.3V 24.0A maximum
  550Watts Max per module
400W Redundant Contact Magma for Specs
Ambient Temperature 0º to 40º C
Storage Temperature -20º to 60º C
Relative Humidity 5% to 85% non-condensing
  53,000 hours
Regulatory Compliance
FCC Class B Verified
CE Certified
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Solaris
30 day money back guarantee
1 year return to factory
Package Contents
  • Thirteen slot PCI backplane
  • PCI card hold down bar
  • Three cooling fans
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supply
  • RJ45 Ethernet connection for SNMP monitoring
  • Expansion cable connection
  • PCI card slot openings
Hardware Included
  • Expansion cable
  • Host interface cards


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Drivers and Utilities

13 Slot Expansion Cardbus Driver

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