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ExpressBox 3T-RED

ExpressBox 3T built for RED ROCKET

Built specifically for RED ROCKET and RED ROCKET-X cards, the EB3T-RED is the perfect way to connect these powerful cards.  Whether you are working on a new Mac Pro or from a laptop, the EB3T-RED has integrated BNC connector holes, giving you extra slots for other PCIe cards.

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    ExpressBox 3T- RED is exclusively offered to users of the Classic RED ROCKET and RED ROCKET-X card. The EB3T-RED includes special mounting holes for BNC connectors and the special auxiliary power adapter required for the RED ROCKET. This allows the use of a RED ROCKET card without the need for the BNC connector bracket that would normally occupy a valuable PCIe slot. The perfect chassis for RED users.


    • Attach (3) PCIe cards to Thunderbolt 2-enabled computer
    • Extension of PCI Express signals outside the computer
    • Daisy-chain or end-point device
    • Daisy-chain up to six Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 devices
    • Use your RED ROCKET card and connect to provided BNC connectors
    • Thunderbolt 2 features speeds up to 20Gbps


    • Easy Plug and Play installation
    • Use any combination of x1, x4, x8 and x16 PCIe cards
    • Hot-swappable cooling fan
    • Works with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher and Windows 7 and 8
    • Additional blower for extra hot cards
    • 250W power supply with (2) auxiliary power connectors
    EB3T Thunderbolt 2 to PCIe Expansion - 3 Slot
    • (3) Full-Length PCI Express Slots*
      • two x8 PCIe 2.0
      • one x4 PCIe 2.0
      • Slot closest to the Thunderbolt card accommodates the RED ROCKET card
    • *Maximum card length is limited to 8.5"
    Cable Required Thunderbolt (Sold Separately)
    Interconnect Bandwidth 20 Gbps Bi-directional
    Hard Drive Support Optional built in drivebay for up to four (4) 2.5" SSD or SAS/SATA drives
    (when using the drivebay, maximum card length is limited to 8.5")
    Material Aluminum Chassis
    Dimensions 14.6” L x 4.3” W x 7.9” H (371mm x 110mm x 200mm)
    Weight 6 lbs (2.72 kg)
    System Cooling
    • (1) Hot Swappable Fan
    • (1) Removable Blower Fan
    Power Supply
    • 250W, 100-240 VAC, 50-60HZ
    • Two 4-pin auxiliary power tabs
    Ambient Temperature 0º to 50º C
    Storage Temperature -20º to 60º C
    Relative Humidity 5% to 85% non-condensing
    Regulatory Compliance
    FCC Class A Verified
    RoHS Compliant
    Supported Operating Systems
    • Windows 7, 8
    • Mac OS X Yosemite
    Partner Approvals
    Package Contents
    • Power Indicator
    • PCIe card slot openings
    • Thunderbolt 2 ports
    • Power cord socket
    Hardware Included
    • Blower (if needed for cooling)
    • BNC connector back plate
    • (2) RED ROCKET auxiliary power connectors
    • Carry Bag
    • U.S. Power Cord

    Is a Thunderbolt cable included?

    The Thunderbolt cable is sold separately.

    Do I need any special Firmware, Software, or Driver?

    No firmware, software or driver is required from Magma, but you may need an updated driver for your PCIe card.

    What types of PCIe cards can be used with the ExpressBox 3T-RED?

    Check the PCIe Card Compatibility Page for a list of cards that have Thunderbolt 2 Compatible drivers. If your PCIe card is not on this list, contact the card manufacturer to ask if they have a Thunderbolt 2 Compatible driver.

    Are other Magma Thunderbolt products compatible with Classis Red Rocket and Red Rocket X?

    RED ROCKET and ROCKET-X are both compatible with ExpressBox 3T-RED, ExpressBox 3T, ROBEN-3TX, and ROBEN-3TS.  A special power adapter is included with ExpressBox 3T-RED for auxiliary power connection. Also a special bracket for the BNC connectors included on the ROCKET card is provided with EB3T-RED eliminating the need to use two slots openings for a single card.  You can also purchase a RED ROCKET Kit separately on our website to work with other Magma Thunderbolt Expansion products.

    Does a GPU or video card work with the ExpressBox 3T-RED?

    The GPU must be supported by the Operating System AND have a compatible Thunderbolt 2 Driver.

    Can the Magma Thunderbolt 2 Interface add-in card be used in a Mac Tower?

    No, it will not work as a add-in PCIe card in a Mac Tower.

    Do older Thunderbolt devices on a Thunderbolt 2 daisy chain affect performance?

    Yes. If you have a mix of generations on a Thunderbolt 2 daisy chain, make sure that the Thunderbolt devices sit after the Thunderbolt 2 devices on the chain. Anything placed after a first generation Thunderbolt device will operate at Thunderbolt speeds.

    Support: or 877-438-2724


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