ExpressBox 3T-V3-eGPU Chassis

Thunderbolt™ 3 PCIe Expansion Chassis

Turn everyday laptops and desktops into powerful supercomputing workstations. The EB3T-V3 has been qualified with the following NVIDIA Quadro GPUs: GV100, RTX6000, RTX5000, and RTX4000 (GPU Not Included)

Breathe new life into your workflow

Connect an external high-end desktop Quadro GPU to your Thunderbolt 3-equipped laptop and harness the power of ISV-certified, high-performance professional graphics to dramatically accelerate your workflow. Work with large, complex designs, interactively render photorealistic imagery and perform computationally intensive simulations with ease. Or enhance your workflow with VR to explore your creations in the most compelling way possible.

EB3T-V3 Benefits:

  • Supports an NVIDIA Quadro GPU
  • Attach to Thunderbolt™ 3-enabled computer
  • Thunderbolt™ 3 features speeds up to 40Gbps
  • Fan and blower cooling for high-power GPUs


  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Hot-swappable cooling fan
  • Works with Windows 10 (RS2)
  • Blower assisted side vent
  • 400W power supply with (2) auxiliary power connectors
  • One meter 40Gb cable (Sold separately)



PCI Express Features
•       Supports one full-length card
•       One PCIe 3.0 x16 slot (x16 Electrical / x16 Mechanical / Thunderbolt3 Spec).
•       Slot 0 is the upstream slot; it is x16 lane connector, Gen3.  Thunderbolt 3 card is only x4 lane. The upstream slot will operate at x4 lane Gen 3.


EB3T-V3-eGPU  Features

•       High-speed Thunderbolt connection – Thunderbolt 3 40 Gbps. 

•       4 lanes of PCI Express Gen 3

•       Automatic power-up control by computer

•       One PCIe (x16) slot supporting full-length, full height, double-width card.

•       Accommodate standard and large sized graphics card.

•       Built-in 400W power supply to provided extra power to GPU.

•       PCIe x16 slot provides up to 75W of power.

•       Adjustable Fan-Speed Control.

•       Movable 8x8 cm fan cooler at enclosure's side.

•       15W power delivery to the host computer.

•       Easily removable top cover with a thumbscrew.

•       Includes two 8-pin (6+2 pin) auxiliary PCI-E power connectors.

•       Front LED Display-Power Indicator.


GPU Compatibility Chart for EB3T-V3-eGPU

RTX 2080 Ti


RX 5700 XT

WX 9100

RTX 2080


RX 5600 XT

WX 8200

RTX 2070


RX 5500 XT

WX 7100

RTX 2060


RX Vega64

WX 5100



RX Vega56

WX 4100



RX 590, RX 580, RX 570

WX 3200



RX 560, RX 550, RX 540

WX 3100


Item Description

PCI Express Bus Specification Revision 3.0

PCI Express Bus Specification Revision 2.0
Cable Thunderbolt 3, 1 meter  40Gbs cable. Connector Type: USB-C

1 Upstream x16 slot

1 Downstream x16 slot
Host Interface Thunderbolt™3 (Single Port USB-C )
No. of PCIe Slots One PCIe 3.0 x16 (PCIe 3.0 x16 Electrical / x16 Mechanical )
Thunderbolt™ 3, Interconnect Bandwidth 40 Gbs
Power Delivery Up to 15W
Enclosure Dimension

Aluminum Chassis.

371(D) x 110(W) x 200(H) mm

14.6 (D) x 4.3 (W) x 7.87 (H) inch
System Cooling One Replaceable 80 x80 x20 mm Cooling Fan
Front Fan Noise Level Max 38.0 dB(A)
Power Supply Options Single 400W PSU (High-Efficiency & Low Noise)
Input: 100-240 VAC/50-60 HZ
With two PCIe 6+2 pin & one 4 Pin auxiliary power cable
(Equivalent to 600W recommended system power from AMD)
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
Storage Temperature 10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
Regulatory Compliance FCC Class A Verified. CE. RoHS Compliant
Relative Humidity 20 to 80% (non-condensing)
Thunderbolt™ 3,  Supported Operating Systems MacOS 10.13 or higher (not supported 10.8 below) and Windows 10
GPU Supported


* NVIDIA is only supported on Windows 10 OS

* AMD works on Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.13+
System Support MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro with a Thunderbolt 3 port
Windows PC with a Thunderbolt 3 port
PCIe Card Driver Third-party PCIe card should support Mac OS with Thunderbolt-aware driver
PCIe card size Support Full length (320mm), full height (120mm) , double-width PCIe card
Software / Driver

EB3T-V3-eGPU  requires no driver / software.  

*Thunderbolt Software is required for all Thunderbolt-equipped Windows PC laptops (provided by computer vendor).
Warranty 1 year return to factory


One Stop Systems warrants this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the warranty period purchased by the customer (1 to 5 years) from OSS beginning on the date of delivery to the original purchaser from OSS . During this period, One Stop Systems will, at its option, repair or replace this product at no additional charge to the purchaser, except as set forth in this warranty agreement. OSS will, at its option, repair or replace this product at no additional charge to the purchaser, if the defect is related to the OSS manufactured product. OSS is not liable for any defects in material or workmanship of any peripherals, products or parts, which OSS does not design or manufacture (third party products). OSS will honor the original manufacturer’s warranty on these products. One Stop Systems will analyze the defective component and the customer will be charged only in the following instances:

  • No problem found: $125(U.S dollars)
  • Damage Due to Negligence or Mishandling: Parts and labor at $75 per hour with a $100 minimum charge (U.S. dollars). Receipt of damaged goods voids the One Stop Systems warranty.

Repair parts and replacement products will be furnished on an exchange basis and will be either new or reconditioned. All replacement parts and products shall become the property of OSS, if such parts or products are provided under this warranty agreement. In the event a defect is not related to the OSS manufactured product or is not covered by the third party product, OSS shall repair or replace the defective parts at the purchaser’s cost and deliver the defective parts to the purchaser. This limited warranty shall not apply if the product has been misused, carelessly handled, defaced, modified or altered, or if unauthorized repairs have been attempted by others. The above warranty is the only warranty authorized by OSS and is in lieu of any implied warranties, including implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will One Stop Systems be liable for any such damage as lost business, lost profits, lost savings, downtime or delay, labor, repair or material cost, injury to person or property or any similar or dissimilar consequential loss or damage incurred by the purchaser, even if OSS has been advised of the possibility of such losses or damages.

Depending on the warranty service level purchased, warranty service is obtained by advanced replacement when accompanied by a signed Warranty Service Agreement form or by delivering the product to an OSS authorized repair facility with all parts and accessories as originally shipped, along with the proof of purchase and a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. The RMA number is obtained in advance from OSS Support or Customer Service Department and is valid for 30 days. The RMA number must be clearly marked on the exterior of the original shipping container or equivalent. Purchaser will be responsible and liable for any missing or damaged parts. Purchaser agrees to pay for shipping charges one way, and to either insure the product or assume the liability for loss or damage during transit.

Ship to: One Stop Systems



2235 Enterprise Street, Suite 110

Escondido, CA 92029

Support: or 877-438-2724


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Firmware Instruction Files



How to Update the EB3T-V3-eGPU Firmware

Laptop PC (Windows 10)

Download the file onto the Windows OS desktop of your Thunderbolt 3 laptop. Uncompress the zip file, and then you will see four files including the firmware update tool and the firmware bin file.

  1. Make sure the EB3T-V3-eGPU is connected to your Thunderbolt 3 laptop via Thunderbolt 3 cable.
  2. Double click the FwUpdateTool.exe
  3. When at the FwUpdateTool GUI interface is up, click NEXT, select Magma EB3T-eGPU, and click Next button to proceed.
  4. Select FW image: Click Browse button and choose Magma_EB3t-eGPU_AR_EP_4C_C0_rev33_W_Ti_rev443_NOSEC_sign.bin file and click Next button to proceed.
  5. Click on the "Start Thunderbolt firmware update" button to begin firmware update to the latest version v33. Once the progress bar reaches 100% the update process is complete.
  6. Close the GUI interface after the firmware has been successfully updated. Power cycle EB3T-eGPU (by unplugging the EB3T-eGPU power cord, and then plug the power cord to EB3T-eGPU) to let the firmware update take effect.

Mac Book (macOS 10.13 and above)

Download the file onto the MacOS desktop of your Thunderbolt 3 laptop. Uncompress the zip file, and then you will see four files including the firmware update tool and the firmware bin file.

  1. When EB3T-eGPU is connected to MacBook Pro (Late 2016, Mid-2017, or Mid-2018) by Thunderbolt 3 cable, go to macOS's System Information. Click on Thunderbolt in the left-hand column. Click on EB3T-eGPU. There will be an item "Firmware Version". Verify it is now showing 26.1 meaning that the current firmware of EB3T-eGPU is v26.
  2. Prepare a USB pen drive with no data inside. Insert the USB pen drive into the USB-C port on MacBook Pro. [If the USB pen drive is USB Type-A, then use the USB Type-A to Type-C adapter for connectingthe pen drive to MBP's USB-C port] Go to macOS's Disk Utility. Select the USB pen drive in the left-hand column. Click on Erase on the top. Select MS-DOS (FAT) for the Format item, and click on Erase button to format the USB pen drive.
  3. Copy the attached file onto macOS's desktop at MacBook Pro.
  4. Uncompress the zip file, and then you will see four new files after unzipping. Copy the four new files to the USB pen drive and then shut down MacBook Pro.
  5. Press the power button of MacBook Pro. Just right after pressing MacBook Pro's power button, hold option key to MacBook Pro keyboard until it shows the drive selection screen, and select the right most icon EFI Boot to enter the EFI mode.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  6. In the EFI mode, key in "EB3T-v3" and then press enter key to execute.
  7. When the updating process reaches 100 percent is the firmware updating complete.
  8. In EFI mode, key in "reset -s" and press enter key to shut down MacBook Pro.
  9. Power on MacBook Pro, and EB3T-eGPU powers on along automatically. As MacBook Pro boots into macOS, go to System Information. Click on Thunderbolt in the left-hand column. Click on EB3T-eGPU is now with FW v33.