Optical Thunderbolt™ Cable

Designed by Corning to be used with Thunderbolt peripherals such as Magma's Thunderbolt 2 expansion chassis.

Unleash the brilliance of light to connect computers and devices at incredible speed and over longer distances. They’re thin, light and remarkably tough — Optical Cables by Corning can be bent, squeezed, and tangled.


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    SKU: 60-00048-03 / 60-00046-01 / 60-00048-01 / 60-00048-02

    The future of device connectivity flows through Optical Cables by Corning.

    • 10 Gb/s bi-directional, dual channel with Thunderbolt
    • 20 Gb/s bi-directional, when used with a Thunderbolt 2 host and Thunderbolt 2 devices
    • Data and video on a single cable
    • Daisy-chain up to six Thunderbolt devices
    • Ultra-slim, “zero-bend” radius cable
    • Hot swappable
    • Electrically isolated, noise reducing design
    • Enabled by Corning® ClearCurve® VSDN® optical fiber
    • Class 1 Laser Product

    Are Thunderbolt™ Optical Cables by Corning compatible with all Thunderbolt peripheral devices?

    Yes. Thunderbolt Optical Cables by Corning have been fully tested to meet Intel’s “Thunderbolt Interconnect Specification” which ensures interoperability. Corning has also attended industry “Plug Fest” events that successfully tested more than a hundred Thunderbolt devices to further insure that all electrical/optical Thunderbolt interconnect cables are fully compatible.

    Can I ‘daisy chain’ two Thunderbolt™ Optical Cables by Corning together to double my distance?

    No. The Thunderbolt™ standard does not allow using a passive Mini Display Port (mDP) receptacle adapter to connect two assemblies together. Thunderbolt™ Optical Cables by Corning comes in lengths up to 100 meters and thereby covers almost all applications.

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