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StorageBox 1000

High Performance JBOF - Integrate NVMe Storage for any Compatible Server

The High Capacity, Fastest and Most Modular Direct Attached NVMe Storage Device for VDI and HPC. Magma StorageBox 1000 (SB1000) provides 25.6TB of NVMe SSD storage through eight 2.5” drives. The SB1000 attaches through a PCIe card and cable operating at 128Gbps. This 1U JBOF provides super fast drive performance and low latency for the most demanding VDI and HPC applications.

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The Magma StorageBox 1000 (SB1000) direct-attached storage is a first generation small-form factor NVMe 2.5-inch drive expansion enclosure. Designed for legacy servers, SB1000 eliminates the need to purchase new server platform to gain the significant performance improvement NVMe offers over SAS SSDs.

High Capacity – 1U chassis with 25TB+ SSD NVMe storage Hardware Agnostic – Works with existing or new servers
High Density – 1U high chassis - attach one SB1000 per PCIe slot in server Transparent Connection – Highly reliable “box to box” PCIe Gen3 connection with no additional software required
High Speed – All Gen3 PCIe performance, no latencies, high IOPS, zero performance trade-off Highly Engineered Cable – Proprietary PCIe Gen3 cabling tuned for high signal integrity
High Serviceability – LCD status panel and web interface, hot swappable NVMe drives and 650-watt redundant power supply Top Quality Design – Unmatched PCIe expertise and supreme materials for data integrity
Way better than SAS/SATA – Enhanced security, 10x faster, 20x more compact, and 100x more reliable compared to legacy storage Manufacturing Test – Supreme quality control and thorough error code testing for each unit
Modular Scalability – Pay as you go, install a variety of drive sizes Pre-Sales Technical Support – Access to engineering and support resources before you buy

Integrate NVMe Storage to any Compatible Server

Magma StorageBox 1000 (SB1000) provides 25.6TB of NVMe SSD storage through eight 2.5” drives. The SB1000 attaches through a PCIe card and cable operating at 128Gbps. This 1U JBOF (Just a Bunch of Flash) provides super fast drive performance and low latency for the most demanding VDI and HPC applications.

Standalone Integration: The SB1000 attaches to PCIe Gen3 servers using Magma’s x16 Gen3 PCIe host card and specialized high performance Gen3 PCIe cable. RAID Support: Software RAID level support provided by the drive manufacturer.
Designed for Scalability: One SB1000 holds up to eight (8) NMVe drives per PCIe slot and offers scalability capacity to thirty-two (32) NVMe drives using a Magma ExpressBox 3600 and four Magma SB1000s. Reliability, Accessible and Serviceable: High performance fans, robust 650W redundant power supply and optimal thermal design.
Maximum Drive Performance: Experience up to 12+GB/s bandwidth (12x bandwidth of high end SAS). Made for Rack-mounting: Rack slides from Accuride are shipped pre-installed for easy installation.
Compatibility: Magma SB1000 is a complementary product to any compatible 2U enterprise servers from OEMs like Cisco, Lenovo, IBM and Oracle. NVMe drivers are available across operating systems – including Windows and Linux. The full list operating system driver support is available online with the NVM Express organization. Remote Management Monitoring: Easy web interface for power user to check health of device. PCIe lane performance, drive operations parameters, and fan and error conditions are viewable on LCD screen and reported through web interface
Hot-Swappable Drives: Remove and replace eight (8) 2.5” NVMe drives - no need to turn off and reboot  

Benefits of PCIe NVMe SSDs

Eliminate Latency: PCIe with NVMe moves data and storage closer to the processor, eliminating significant hardware and storage protocol-related latencies and boosting the overall performance of a system, especially with intensive tasks such as virtualization, big data applications and high-performance computing. Better Utilization of Compute Power: Delivers data to the processor faster and with lower latency than SATA interfaces. PCIe with NVMe technology enables the processor to avoid waiting for data, allowing for better utilization of compute power through more consistent high throughput. Lower Cost of Ownership: Increased data throughput and reduced latencies result in faster access to data, better scalability, using fewer drives to deliver the same data throughput, and helping to lower total cost of ownership. Disrupt datacenter compute and storage cost by reducing power and rack space while supporting more users. Data Throughput Improvements: NVMe enables data throughput improvements over traditional HDDs and other SSDs. NVMe-based PCIe , delivers up to 2.8GB per second read speeds, up to 1.9GB per second write speeds and up to 700,000 input and outputs per second (IOPS) using x4 PCIe drive interface.

Product Name Magma StorageBox 1000
Part Number SB1000
Description Direct-attached storage NVMe drive enclosure
Cable Options
  • 1 meter - Part Number: CBL1G3
  • 2 meter - Part Number: CBL2G3
Drives and Capacity
Drives Up to eight (8) 2.5-inch hot-pluggable NVMe solid-state drives (SSD)
Performance & Capacities
  • Intel® Drive Options
  • SSD DC P3700 Series
  • SSD DC P3600 Series
  • HGST Drive Options
  • UltraStar SN100 (3.2TB, 1.6TB)
Max. Capacity (per enclosure) Up to 25.6TB when using 8 x 3.2TB NVMe SSD
Host Connectivity
Connection Low profile x16 PCIe Gen3 card and 2 cables
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Hypervisors
Enclosure Monitoring and RAID
Fan Tachometer reports RPM of each of the 6 dual fans
GUI Web server accessible over Ethernet port on rear of chassis.
LCD Pane Display indicates power to the box, IP address of the web server and fan speeds
RAID Software RAID level support provided by the drive manufacturer
Back-Panel Connectors
 Host Connectivity 2 PCIe connectors for connection to server - x16 cable
Service Management 1 Ethernet connector for connection to system monitoring tool
Rack Spaces 1U High
Dimensions 19” W, 1.75” H, 28” D
Power Supply
  • 650 Watt Redundant
  • Input voltage range 100~240VAC Full Range
  • Frequency range 47/63 Hz
Expansion Multiple SB1000 can be connected through any available PCIe slot in server
  • Six 30.2 CFM fans for drives
  • One fan in each power supply module
Rack support Accuride Model 2907WB
Weight 46lbs
  • Operating 0° to 70°C
  • Storage: -40° to 70° C
FCC Class A Verified
  • CE Certified
  • RoHS compliant
Return to Factory 1 Year or more
ISO 9001:2008 Certified NVMe Specification 1.2a
PCISIG PCI Express Specifications: Rev 3.1
**Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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