Spencer Gillis: Going digital for GUN

Spencer Gillis, director of ‘GUN’, and winner of Magma’s People’s Choice Award, answers questions about the process of making ‘GUN’ as well as some questions about his past, present, and future of film making.  In addition to winning Magma’s People’s Choice Award, Magma awarded Spencer with an ExpressBox-1T for future use on his upcoming projects.  Below is a selection from the full interview.

Q:  How long of a process was the making of GUN from concept to first showing?

Magma’s People’s Choice Award

This month Magma sponsored the San Diego Film Festival and showed support for the creative industry by launching its very own award, the Magma People’s Choice Award. Magma chose this venue to spotlight and support up and coming directors, producers, and cinematographers. The San Diego Film Festival also highlighted a host of short films that were shot digitally, mirroring an industry change to digital workflows.  For the first time we are seeing smaller film makers being able to utilize the same workflows and technology that was once only available to large studios.

ROBEN-3 Appears at SMPTE

SMPTE is held once a year and is put on by the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers.  SMPTE is a technical event and lets industry leaders, companies, and film makers collaborate, demonstrate, and experiment with technologies that are pushing the industry into new frontiers.  Magma attended this year and partnered with LumaForge and CEO Neil Smith.  Neil creates cost effective workflow solutions for clients in the film and television industry, and has been a longtime user and fan of Magma chassis.