Gen4 NVMeoF JBOF/SAN/NAS Solutions

OSS provides AI on the Fly storage solutions enabling no compromise AI and HPC performance specifically designed for the rigorous requirements of edge deployments. With end to end PCIe Gen 4, these storage solutions provide the absolute highest performance for applications from airborne surveillance to autonomous vehicle development.

The SB2000 JBOF provides up to 60GB/s of storage bandwidth and 10M IOPS with a capacity up to 384TB of low latency NVMe storage in removable U.2 form factor SSD drives. For bulk data transfer, the SB2000 has 3 rugged removable canisters, each containing 8 drives which can be removed simultaneously.

For integrated SAN and NAS solutions, OSS provides its performance optimized ION storage software. The ION 6.0 release scheduled for early 2021 will include native support for NVMe-over-Fabrics and support for GPU Direct Storage, enabling tight integration between OSS’s AI on the Fly storage and GPU compute accelerators. These solutions deliver datacenter class AI in rugged edge environments, including military and commercial air, sea and land based vehicles.

One Stop Systems will have a virtual booth at the Flash Memory Summit Virtual Conference, Nov. 10-12, where we'll demonstrate our Gen4 NVMeoF JBOF/SAN/NAS Solutions. Flash Memory Summit showcases the mainstream applications, key technologies, leading vendors and innovative startups driving the multi-billion dollar non-volatile memory and SSD markets.

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