One Stop Systems (OSS) designs, manufactures and markets specialized high-performance computing modules and systems targeting edge deployments. These specialized computers incorporate state-of-the-art components and allow our customers to offer high-end computing capabilities (often embedding within their equipment) to their target markets. Our customer applications often require connection to a wide array of data sources and sensors, ultra-fast processing power and the ability to quickly access and store large and ever-growing data sets. This equipment requires datacenter class performance optimized for deployment at the edge. We are uniquely positioned as a specialized provider for the high-end of this marketplace providing custom servers, data acquisition platforms, compute accelerators, solid-state storage arrays, system IO expansion systems as well as edge optimized industrial and panel PCs, tablets and handheld compute devices. We deliver this high-end technology to our customers through the sale of equipment and embedded software.

Through our AI on the Fly® initiative we are delivering innovative specialized high performance computing building blocks and platforms used by our customers to develop products for scientists, engineers, creators and other professional. These professional's mission critical applications capture and store data quickly, securely, and cost effectively transform it into actionable intelligence at the edge.

High-performance computing applications are moving beyond the traditional academic and scientific realms to broad application across the spectrum of vertical markets. These applications include computationally intense areas like artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, media and entertainment, test and measurement, medical imaging, genomics, cyber security, automotive, aerospace and defense. We are well positioned to leverage these market trends and capitalize on our unique core competencies in high speed system design and edge system optimization. We have a proven track record of delivering first-to-market advanced technologies and have continued to do so with next generation PCIe based I/O expansion systems, compute acceleration systems and high-performance flash array storage systems. Edge optimizations include rugged chassis design with light-weight removable high-capacity canisters. These products fit solidly into the emerging markets for specialized high-performance computing at the edge.

The more data input, GPU compute acceleration and flash-based storage resources available to a server, the faster it can acquire, process, store, and retrieve data. In cases where the amount of these resources does not fit within the constraints of a conventional server, PCIe is used to disaggregate the resources into a multi-chassis solution. We have built leading edge expertise in PCIe expansion technology and leverage it to design and build systems that offer a high quantity and density of GPU compute acceleration, flash storage and data I/O interfaces.