One Stop Systems (OSS) is the leader in specialized high-performance computers for vertical markets requiring the fastest processing and storage on the planet. These technology-hungry applications include AI (artificial intelligence), deep learning, seismic exploration, financial modeling, media and entertainment, security and defense. While many of these applications can run on a single HPC server, the highest end applications require a rack-scale deployment of HPC servers. 

OSS maintains a first mover market focus with many board-level solutions in the world’s fastest emerging interconnect technologies such as PCI Express (PCIe), NVLink, Infiniband and next generation Ethernet. OSS is the largest provider of PCIe adapters and expansion components world-wide. OSS utilizes these high speed adapters and board level solutions to produce ground breaking, large scale, modular compute accelerators, flash storage arrays and specialty servers that push the traditional system limits beyond the household server OEM. We also partner with other leaders in HPC technologies such as Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, Xilinx FPGAs and HGST NVMe solid-state flash products to provide our customers with a true “One Stop” HPC system

OSS has adopted the modular approach to systems design. This allows OSS to produce expansion systems that accelerate servers from every OEM or produce hyper-converged HPC systems with extreme amounts of GPU and NVMe resources in an all-in-one solution or produce Composable Infrastructure solutions that change server, GPU, Network and NVMe resources in real time as application demand changes. With a pedigree designing rugged compute systems for defense, manufacturing, and telecommunications customers, OSS has become an expert adapting the latest in commercial HPC technologies to the needs of mobile, government and military deployments. Using our standard products or our custom ODM services, we can deploy HPC solutions in virtually any environment.

What Sets OSS Apart

Several factors differentiate OSS from other suppliers of HPC solutions.

  • Our expertise in PCIe expansion and building custom systems allows us to use a greater quantity of GPUs and flash devices than other suppliers.
  • We design systems that both attach to existing servers through PCIe and systems with the servers included.
  • OSS systems can be clustered together to build massive compute engines that occupy less space and power than conventional systems.
  • OSS produces the software required to operate large storage systems used exclusively by defense systems and commercial applications.

Our business model utilizes our products in two ways.

  • OSS sells systems to OEM customers who use them in their own data centers for their own applications.
  • OSS leases space on its own systems in its own data center for customers who don't want to make the infrastructure investment of owning their own systems.

One Stop Systems' niche is in providing custom, purpose-built platforms with the latest GPUs and flash devices that allow servers to access large numbers of these devices.



Chairman, CEO/President and Co-Founder

Steve Cooper has served as our chief executive officer, president and chairman of our board of directors since co-founding OSS in 1998. He brings more than 39 years of experience running high technology, high growth rate business as a technologist with a long record of technical innovations, including multiple patents. Mr. Cooper began his career with Intel and RadiSys in sales, marketing and technology roles. He has authored and published more than 30 articles and technical conference papers dealing with the computer technology, fault-tolerant computer architectures, bus interfacing standards, open systems and related business and technology issues. He holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from University of California at Santa Barbara.


Chief Financial Officer                                                                  

John Morrison, has served as our chief financial officer since September 1, 2017. Mr. Morrison is a CPA for more than 30 years with experience. From June 2014 to September 2017, he served as the chief financial and operations officer for Carole Cole Company. From January 2013 to September 2013 he served as the chief financial officer of Gen-E, an IT process automation software company. For eleven years, Mr. Morrison served as the executive vice president and chief financial and operations officer for the Kelley Blue Book Company. He began his career working 15 years for the public accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers both in the U.S. and Asia. Mr. Morrison holds a B.S. in accounting and business management and a Masters in Accounting from Brigham Young University.


Vice President Strategic Development

Tim Miller has over 33 years of experience in high tech operations, management, marketing, business development, and sales. Miller previously was the CEO of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions and CEO and founder of StarGen, Inc. Mr. Miller holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Cornell University, a Masters of Business Administration from Wharton, and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.


Vice President of Sales & Marketing        

Jim Ison has 28 years' combined sales, product management and marketing management experience in leading-edge large-scale electronic systems using breakthrough technologies. His expertise covers government, communications and HPC markets with particular focus on AI applications in unique environments. Prior to OSS, Jim held senior sales and marketing positions for Ziatech and Rittal. During the 15 years in OSS management, he has led the technological evolution and integration of OSS' many mergers and acquisitions. Jim holds a bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from CalPoly SLO and an MBA from University of Florida.


Vice President of Engineering                     

Julia Elbert has over 23 years of experience in engineering, specializing in Linux, PCI Express, and device drivers for communication hardware. Elbert is responsible for managing and leading the team of engineers at One Stop Systems to develop high speed electronic products focused around PCI Express. She also works in business development to build partnerships with vendors and customers to support One Stop Systems and Magma’s product line and to increase sales. Elbert graduated from the University of California, San Diego.


Vice President of Human Resources & Administration

Carla Basquin has been with One Stop Systems since it was founded. She brings over 21 years of experience in employee relations and human resources. Carla began her career with Professional Resource Group Software, where she was responsible for training office automation of patient flow, organization and best business practices for private practices and universities throughout the U.S. Carla is currently responsible for acquisition of new talent, employment benefits, training, ISO certifications and Administration department.


Vice President of Operations                       

Victor has over 28 years’ experience in entrepreneurship having co-founded 5 different companies. He began his career by starting his own small business and from there he oversaw operations at a company that grew from $5M to over $100M in less than 6 years. Victor is on the board of advisors for World Help and chairs an annual Causelife Golf Tournament in San Diego. He is the recipient of multiple community involvement awards. Victor holds a B.A. from Thomas Edison State University, and attended the Stanford Executive Institute for management of technology companies.



Chairman; Member, Board of Directors

Ken Potashner has served as a member of our board of directors since 2006. Mr. Potashner has extensive BOD experience in high growth, high technology global organizations. He has served as Chairman of Newport Corporation where he provided 18 years of service culminating in the sale of Newport in 2016 for $980M. Mr. Potashner was Chairman of Maxwell Technologies and directed it through a period of rapid expansion. He has also served on the BOD of California Micro Devices, SonicBlue Inc, and Singapore Technologies, all publicly traded companies. Potashner is currently serving as the Executive Chairman of Home Bay Technologies. He has also served on the Board of many private companies as well including Home Bay Technologies, DynaOptics,, Underground Elephant, Lumedyne,, and several others. Several of the private companies that Mr. Potashner has had affiliations with have achieved successful exits or significant financings. Mr. Potashner has a BSEE from Lafayette College and an MSEE from SMU, Executive certifications from Columbia and INSEAD in Lausanne, Switzerland. He also has an Advanced Professional Director certification from American Board of Directors.


Member, Board of Directors                                                                         

As an early investor in OSS, John Reardon has served as a member of the board since 2000. During his service, Mr. Reardon introduced and/or aided in a number of key acquisitions that transitioned the OSS to a leading IP company. Mr. Reardon, having extensive industry knowledge continues to aid the company with its strategic vision. Corporate Director's Forum recognized this contribution by awarding him the Director of the Year Award. He has served on numerous Public and Private boards throughout his career that include Neonode, (Nasdaq, Neon) a company located in Stockholm, Sweden and SBE, Inc. and SBE, Inc. (Nasdaq, SBEi) a telecommunications company located in San Ramon, CA. Reardon founded RTC Media in 1986 after graduating from National University with a Bachelor's in Marketing. Moving through the millenium, RTC was expanded to include Europe and Asia as key markets. Today RTC Media continues its history as a technical marketing firm for the Military and Embedded space through its publications and content generation. Mr. Reardon continues to reside in Carlsbad, CA with his wife and four children.


Member, Board of Directors                                                                  

David Raun has more than 24 years of experience at senior management and board levels in public and private companies including over 10 M&A/fund raising events. He was with PLX Technology, Inc., a publicly traded company on Nasdaq, from 2004-2014 where he eventually became president, chief executive officer and a director. In this role, he led the company to an acquisition by Avago (now Broadcom) after driving the company to 70%+ market share, record revenues and profits. Mr. Raun also served as chief operations officer at Home Bay, an on-line technology base real estate company in 2019. Prior to Home Bay, he was the president, COO and interim chief financial officer at ASSIA, Inc. a Silicon Valley-based SaaS providers from 2016-2018. Here he led a quick turnaround driving to record revenues and approached 40% operating margins. Prior to these roles he had multiple VP of Marketing, Business Development, Corporate Development and Sales roles. He was chairman of the board at Kilopass, a semiconductor IP supplier until they were acquired by Synopsys in 2018. Mr. Raun holds a B.S. in computer and electrical engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara.


Member, Board of Directors                                                                  

Jack Harrison has served on our board of directors since December 2016. He was founder, president and chief executive officer of Aspen Integrated Technologies, a microelectronics and MEMS company, which he sold in 2011. Mr. Harrison is currently the president of Integrity Energy, an oil and gas company, and also serves as the chairman of the board of Reach Beyond: a non-profit charitable organization of which he has been affiliated for more than 20 years. Mr. Harrison holds a BME degree from Wheaton College. He brings decades of experience in the microelectronics space and his business and technical expertise represent important assets to OSS.


Member, Board of Directors

Kimberly Sentovich joined the board in February 2019 and is a seasoned merchandising, operations, IT and supply chain executive with 30 years of experience with multi-billion-dollar profit and loss responsibility. From 2017-2018, Ms. Sentovich served as the Senior Vice President of Operations for Torrid, an apparel retailer. From 2015 to 2017, Ms. Sentovich was Executive Vice President of Stores and Logistics at Gymboree, responsible for all 1,300 company owned stores in North America. Ms. Sentovich previously spent seven years (2008-2015) at Walmart rising from Regional Vice President of Operations - California to Divisional Senior Vice President of Operations - Pacific Division and fifteen years at The Home Depot (1993-2008) rising to the level of Regional Vice President of Operations. Ms. Sentovich obtained her MBA from The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine and her B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science with a Minor in economics from Bryn Mawr College. Mr. Sentovich's extensive executive and operations experience, as well as her independence, judgment and exceptional leadership experience makes her a valuable addition to the Board.