Flash Storage Arrays and Expansion

Provide up to 200TB high-density PCIe NVMe flash and support up to 8 million IOPS with 80GB/second throughput. Many of our Storage Arrays are based on the Ion Accelerator Software.

The fastest, most flexible and powerful turnkey storage solutions in the high performance computing market.


OSS has a variety of flash storage arrays and expansion systems with varying levels of density and features to provide storage for HPC applications.

StorageBox 2000 — PCIe 4.0 All-Flash Array

The SB2000 is the highest performance, modular and most flexible all-flash storage solution available for NVMe JBOF, FBOF, NVMe-oF, SAN and NAS solutions for demanding storage solutions.

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Gen4 NVMe Flash Storage Array (FSA4000)

The FSA4000 end-to-end PCIe Gen4 NVMe all-flash-array is comprised of an OSS Flash Storage Array (FSA) and the 2U Expansion Optimized Server (EOS) with optional JBOF, data recorder or SAN storage software.

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Ion Accelerator® Storage Software

The new Ion Accelerator 5.0 software from One Stop Systems provides a complete all-flash storage solution that delivers cost-effective, near-native NVMe performance for data-intensive workloads.

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2U Ion Accelerator Flash Storage Array

The 2U NVMe storage array offers flexible capacity while maintaining the high-bandwidth and low-latency pedigree of Ion Accelerator™ arrays deployed in hundreds of global installations.

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4U Flash Storage Network Array

The high-performance, field-ready FSAn-4R (Ruggedized) NVMe All-Flash Array provides a new level of performance for applications such as real-time HPC, high-speed data recording, analytics and big data.

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Gen 4 4U Pro

The 4U Pro provides optimized PCIe Gen 4 configurable expansion for edge HPC/AI applications at twice the performance of the previous generation PCIe Gen 3. The appliance supports up to 8 NVIDIA A100 PCIe GPUs which deliver 2.5x FP64 performance compared to the NVIDIA V100, with four PCIe Gen 4 x16 HBA/NIC slots for up to 256GB/s of sustained data throughput. Alternatively, the 4U Pro can be configured to provide 16 single-width PCIe Gen 4 x8 slots for FPGA data ingest or the latest storage addin cards.

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Gen 3 and Gen 4 4U Value Accelerator

The 4UV supports anywhere from 4 to 8 double-width cards or 5 to 10 single-width cards. There are several configurations available both in Gen 3 and Gen 4. PCIe cables connect the accelerator to a host server. Two fan choices allow for high-power GPU cooling up to 300W per GPU or a set-and-forget manual speed control using PWM fans when lower power GPUs or add-in cards are used. Two 2000W power supplies provide up to 4000W of usable power to the GPU accelerator system.

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1U Flash Storage Expansion

Pre-installed with four PCIe NVMe Flash boards and connects to the host server through PCIe x16 Gen3 connection.

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2U Flash Storage Expansion

Pre-installed with eight PCIe NVMe Flash boards and connects to the host server through PCIe x16 Gen3 connection.

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2xOU Flash Storage Expansion

Provides up to 212TB of fast Flash storage for up to three servers and is designed to meet Open Compute Project specifications.

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3U Flash Storage Expansion

Pre-installed with thirty-two PCIe NVMe Flash boards and connects to the host server through PCIe x16 Gen3 connection.

To read the independent review of the 3U FSA done by Tom's IT Pro, click here.

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4U Flash Storage Expansion Test System

Pre-installed with either thirty-two NVMe or PCIe adapter cards for testing SSD, flash cards, or any other PCIe short cards. Perfect for quick insertion and removal of devices under test (DUTs).

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ExpressBox 3400

ExpressBox 3400 features 7 full-length full-height PCIe slots built on PCIe Gen 3, making it perfect for adding attaching up to 8TB of ultra low latency NVMe PCIe SSD directly to your server.

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Attached Disk Arrays

One Stop Systems Attached Disk Arrays are robust, rackmount systems that provide hot-swappable SATA II/SAS drives to one or multiple servers. The 2U disk array can be cabled to one server through PCIe or multiple servers through SAS. Click below to download the datasheet for the 2U Disk Array of your choice.

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PCIe Gen4 Dual M.2 Carrier Card

PCIe x16 Gen 4 add-in card supporting dual Gen 4 hot-swap M.2 drives in removable carriers and dual SFF-8643 connectors supporting additional NVMe expansion. The hot-swap removable carriers provide interchangeability and flexibility at Gen 4 M.2 speeds for edge applications while providing scalability through the additional SFF-8643 internal connections.

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