Role of PCIe Expansion in Advancing Transportable AI System Design

Role of PCIe Expansion in Advancing Transportable AI System Design

Braden Cooper discusses how the growing number of transportable AI applications, from autonomous driving to object identification in military aircraft, increases the need for users and data scientists to focus on overall AI system architecture design rather than individual innovations in a single hardware component or piece of software.

OSS Presented at Noble Capital Markets Virtual Road Show Series

OSS was invited to present at the Noble Capital Markets’ Virtual Road Show Series. The virtual road show, presented by Channelchek, featured a corporate presentation by OSS President and CEO David Raun and CFO John Morrison.

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AI Workflow Scalability through Expansion

Braden Cooper, Product Marketing Manager at One Stop Systems, explains today's technology shift towards AI model training and inferencing on massive data sets and how it has created a unique challenge for advanced HPC designs.

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How to Deploy AI Datacenters

How to Deploy AI Datacenters in Planes, Trains, Ships and Automobiles

John Cox at PureB2B discusses bringing the power of AI to the field with no performance compromises. Technologies such as advanced high-performance computing, storage, and connectivity can be packaged in compact, ruggedized enclosures that fit into planes, trains, ships, tracked vehicles, cars, trucks, and utility trailers.

NVMe over Fabrics and GPU Direct Storage Boost HPC and AI Edge Applications

Tim Miller, VP of Product Marketing at One Stop Systems discusses how deploying edge HPC solutions - instead of data movement over relativiely slow or unsecure networks to distant datacenters - provides significant benefits in cost, responsivenes and security.

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